The Most Cost Effective Way to Send USPS Mail

#10 Envelope
Certified, Return Receipt Electronic $ 8.80
First Class 0.90
Certified, Return Receipt (Green Card) 10.90
Certified 6.60
Priority (Flat env.) 11.15
Priority with Signature (Flat env.) 14.50
Priority Mail Express 30.75

We do the printing, stuffing, mailing and tracking.

- Mails the same business day (until noon EST); all others mail the next business day (until 7:55PM EST).

Additional charges:
Flat Envelope (max capacity 47 sheets) is $1.00 extra; otherwise a #10 envelope (max capacity 5 sheets) is used.
$0.10 per page ($0.07 for the back of a double sided page)
Self Address Stamped Envelope is $1.10. Postage based on weight ($0.24 per ounce = roughly 5 pages)
Surcharge ($0.50 to $1.00) for overriding USPS' standardized CASS address, which will likely also take longer to mail.

All prices are in US Dollars.

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