How It Works

Dragged. Dropped. Delivered.

  • We do the printing, assembling and mailing.
  • You get mailing receipts, return receipts and USPS Proofs of Delivery in your inbox.
  • Searchable and sortable record preserved in your email and on our site.

First, Give Us the Document and the Recipients

Send it from inside Word with our Add-in or drag and drop a PDF onto our website or our Windows app to get us your document. Enter the addresses or pull them straight from Outlook. We'll even validate your recipients' addresses to save you from wasting time and money on impossible to deliver letters. With a single click add delivery by regular mail (for Certified Plus Regular).

You're done and you never left your chair!

You'll get an email confirming we've received your mail shortly after you click Send.

Sending to a mailing list?
Varying the document contents per recipient?

We Print, Assemble and Deliver to the USPS

We use the latest printing and mailing automation technology to get your mail into the envelope, apply the postage and bring it to the post office. We keep all the information about your mail piece accessible. At any time you can get our Certification where we state all mailing and delivery events, along with the actual mailpiece's content. No other mailing mechanism connects a tracking ID to actual content in this way.

After mailing, you'll get an email with a PDF including our Certification with mailing and tracking information and your original document.

USPS Delivery with Docsmit's Tracking and Reporting

For certified and priority mail, you'll get an email stating when and where your mailpiece was signed for and a link for separate confirmation from's Track and Confirm.
The USPS captures your recipient's signature at delivery (for certified and priority mail) and we notify you by email. With the Return Receipt Electronic option we can also email you the USPS Proof of Delivery with signature - available through both our site and the USPS. Or choose the traditional Green Card which will come back to you.

With Return Receipt Electronic certified mail you'll get an email with a PDF of the signed USPS proof of delivery, our Certification and your original document.

Read About: Green Card versus Return Receipt Electronic

Easy Access to What You Need

Get a dashboard view of all your certified mail. We store your tracking and delivery data so you can easily pull up documentation of delivery and signature. Use our website to get our Certification of mailing, the original document sent and the USPS Proof of Delivery (for Return Receipt Electronic).

Never enter a 20 digit Tracking ID again!

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