Send Your PDF to Your Mailing List.

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Generate Mail from Your List

Give us your address list in either Excel or CSV and your PDF can be mailed to the entire list with a click of your mouse. Select from virtually any USPS mailing options: Certified, Return Receipt (Electronic or Green Card), Priority Mail or regular first class.

Download the Template

With Variable Data Printing, you can vary the contents for each recipient using data from your spreadsheet. Insert amounts, phrases, formatting or even whole paragraphs! We can help you design your document to get maxmimum results at a minimum cost.

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Mail address testing

"Pre-flight" Testing Gives You Better Metrics

It's hard to measure and iterate when you're not getting good data. We do a pre-flight test on each address in your list to check every one for problems. Correcting addresses before you mail gets you faster feedback on bad data without having to wait for the mailpiece to fail and avoid wasting postage.

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We Print, Prepare and Deliver to the USPS

It's the same top-notch Docsmit service: we use the latest printing and mailing automation technology to print your documents, get them into the envelopes, apply the postage and bring them to the post office. We keep all the information about your mail piece, so you don't have to store receipts and return receipts. We'll have it for you whenever you need it.

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