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Before we continue, what is Docsmit?
Mail as easy as email

"I recently moved and changed gyms... I would have had to make a few stops to print out the form and then get certified mail to send the cancellation request. Docsmit made the process seamless from printing my electronic form and mailing a certified copy. Uploading and sending took minutes and a few days later received notice my membership to the gym was successfully canceled."

-Ravi L, Norcross, GA
Docsmit lets you send any PDF or HTML by USPS mail (certified, priority and regular first class) straight from your computer. Docsmit is used world-wide by attorneys, property managers and business owners both small and large. We'll deliver our mailing and proof of delivery certifications right to your inbox.

With Docsmit you can do it all online.

Rather do it yourself?
You need proof of cancellation. Here's how.

1 Review your membership agreement.
Planet Fitness Membership Contract

If you can give written proof that you are injured or must move out of range of a Planet Fitness, then you may be able to get the fees waived. Also see when your contract term expires. It might be better to wait until then to terminate in order to avoid a much more expensive Cancellation Fee.

2 Write your letter.

The Planet Fitness website section on cancellation states you can send your cancellation by mail, preferably Certified Mail. You'll need your cancellation form to make clear that you want to cancel your membership. Be sure to include your Membership ID number as well as any other identifying information. Don't forget to sign the document and give them a way to contact you in case there's a question.

You should keep a copy of the cancellation letter for your records. The easiest way to copy and file the document is to scan it or print it to PDF from your word processor. For scanning to PDF on the iPhone we like Genius Scan. There are many many options on a PC such as Scan to PDF Converter.

Or get it done right now.

Be done now with our Instant Cancellation Mailer!!

One short form and it goes out by Certified Mail.

3 Planet Fitness Says Use Certified Mail.

Planet Fitness prefers you use Certified Mail and we agree. A return receipt provides you protection. It's easy to send your scan by certified mail with Just click at the top right above to Get Your Free Account. Compose a New mailpiece, drag and drop your PDF and enter the address of your Planet Fitness.

Use either Return Receipt Requested (a Green Card) or Return Receipt Electronic - the USPS' newer less expensive method that enables us to email you the Proof of Delivery after its signed for. It's only available at the post office or through electronic means like Docsmit. Either way you'll be able to view the USPS' full tracking information through our site or by going to

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