Signature Required Email

Focus on your business, not on tracking paper.

  • Documented, Tracked and Certified
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Reduced Costs and Greater Productivity


Physical delivery requires people, trucks and buildings, but Docsmit slashes your Total Cost of Delivery by moving bits, not atoms.


Federal and state laws created standards for electronic signatures to be given equal standing with handwritten signatures. Having a receiver Sign to See your message gives you documentation you can bank on.


Signature required emails with Docsmit are a LOT more efficient than certified mail. No more time wasted filling out forms or filing receipts. Its as easy to prepare as entering an email address.


Send signature required emails from anywhere with your phone, tablet or laptop. No apps or special software needed. No need to wait to get back to the office or to go to the post office for special forms.

Easy to Use

Docsmit is as easy to use as any web email client, with special features that regular email just can't deliver.


Docsmit uses bank-level 256 bit AES encryption for https to protect your data in motion. Messages and attachments are fingerprinted when sent to enable anyone to validate the data as authentic.

Signature Required

Recipients sign to see their messages - just like with an overnight courier - and we record the signature.

We'll let you know the moment your message is signed for.

Deposition Quality Documentation

With a Certified message you can get a Certification showing when it was sent and signed for and the exact contents.

You can also see if the message hasn't been signed for.

Stronger than Certified; Faster than Overnight

Now you can show WHAT was actually in your message, including all attachments, not just when your documents were sent and received.

This is better than overnight or certified.

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