Send USPS Certified Mail from your Computer

  Dragged. Dropped. Delivered.

  • Reduce Preparation and Tracking Time to Seconds
  • Return Receipt, First Class or Priority
  • USPS mail from anywhere


No more laborious filling out forms and filing original receipts and green cards. Enter your recipient's address (or pull it from Outlook) and your PDF is ready to be mailed. One click to also send it regular mail. No time wasted on printing and assembling. Mail twenty as easily as one!


Docsmit automatically stores your tracking information so we can follow up on your mail and let you know when it's signed for (or returned to sender). Don't file original receipts and green cards you'll never need - find the ones you need once you need them.


Docsmit slashes your Total Cost of Delivery by making it fast and easy to send certified mail. Our print facilities get it done far more efficiently and for less, with no driving to the post office for a "scan in".


Send and track certified mail from anywhere. Our Certification of Mailing and USPS Proof of Delivery is available anywhere. No need to get to the office or the post office for special forms.


Drag and drop your PDF and enter the address. One click to send Certified And Regular. Certified mail as easy as email with features that regular mail just can't deliver.


Official USPS Certified Mail is recognized by most contracts and courts, so that's how we send. Docsmit provides USPS Proof of Delivery as well as our own Certification which includes a copy of the document sent.

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